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Barolos Italian Restaurant Small Plates & Starters

Combining classic foundations and modern minds, Barolos is dedicated to delivering creative Italian food in the heart of Toowong. We bring to light Australia’s premium producers, their passion for quality mirroring our own, to provide the best on-plate experience. Flames and coal are the heart and soul of Barolos. The irreplicable flavours from our open charcoal grill and wood-fired oven are weaved through our progressive menu by a team of passionate chefs.

Barolos Koji Duck From The Coals.jpg
Barolos Agnolotti Pasta.jpg


At Barolos Ristorante Italiano, we pride ourselves on much more than just good food. Inspired by Italian dining culture, it's our wish for you to take your time, slow down and savour every bite.


Our extensive wine list is designed to complement your experience, as you taste your way through our menu. Take your palate on a journey through the provinces, discovering new and robust wines hidden in plain sight. For our cocktails, inspiration is drawn from the food itself as our expert team continue to craft new tasting adventures.

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